Song Titles and Connected Fairy Tales

  1. Armor inspired by HCA’s life (childhood and theme of bullying)
  2. Dark Matter “The Wicked Prince”
  3. Duty Free “The Nightingale”
  4. Fade to White “Grandmother”
  5. For Your Own Good “Thumbelina”
  6. Gates of Mercy “The Girl Who Trod on the Loaf”
  7. Grace “The Ugly Duckling”
  8. Heaven Knows “She Was Good for Nothing”
  9. Hunger “The Fir Tree”
  10. Invisible “The Little Mermaid”
  11. Ladies in Waiting “The Swineherd”
  12. Late December “The Little Match Girl”
  13. Little Karen “The Red Shoes”
  14. Morning Light Inspired by Hans Christian’s life (love for opera singer Jenny Lind)
  15. Shadows “The Shadow”
  16. Steadfast Lover “The Tin Soldier”
  17. This is Hans Christian “inspired by HCAs life”
  18. To The Ends of the Earth “The Story of a Mother”
  19. Wax “The Tallow Candle”
  20.  Who Are You Talking To – goes with “The Swineherd” and Ladies in Waiting (idea about Facebook wall and notifications)
  21. Windswept “The Princess and the Pea”