Fairytale Trivia

Tiny is the first band to single mindedly put rock and folk music to themes surrounding the life and works of Hans Christian Andersen. To give you a glimpse of some of our song lyrics, try to answer the three trivia questions below.

Here are two verses from the song entitled ”Invisible.” Which fairy tale is this song based on?

Safe on the sand
Sound asleep
Lies the prince she rescued
From the water so deep
Down in the ocean
Frozen in time
The mermaid can’t get him
Out of her mind

How I long to enter
Your human world
Smell the wild flowers
And watch the leaves swirl
You inhabit in my heart
But you’re worlds away
The prince I left sleeping
On the beach that day

That may have been a bit easy. How about the next song? Can you guess which Hans Christian Andersen fairytale inspired this song?

Barefoot she walks on city streets
Beneath the summer sun
Catching the eye of the shoemaker’s wife
Who says something must be done
She sews the girl some simple shoes
Red strips of leather hide
But later on that very day
The poor girl’s mother dies

Church bells mourn
A woman sees her standing all alone
And from the kindness of her heart
She gives the girl a home
Older now she loves to gaze
At her image in the glass
All poverty and sadness
A mirage of the long-gone past

Hint: The song is entitled ”Little Karen.”

Here is the chorus from the song entitled ”Grace.” Which Hans Christian Andersen fairytale do you think inspired this song?

How I long 
How I long
Oh you lovely creatures
How much I truly long
How I long 
How I long
To have your grace and beauty
And to feel that I belong
How I long